Bad Bosses ARE Bad Business

The days of just "dealing" with jerks in the workplace are over.

Very Bad Bosses - Statistics for Employee Turnover

The Bad Boss Fixer

Companies across the United States are dealing with the “Great Resignation” now more than ever. Retaining top talent is more competitive and complicated. We all know “people don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers”.

Since 1994, I’ve worked with and for some of the worst “managers” on the planet. Each time their behavior was brought to HR’s attention, I was told to “just deal with it”. And I did. By quitting.  I began taking psychology courses and was introduced to Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Positive Psychology.

What an eye-opener! It was then I decided the days of people just dealing with a jerk “manager” were over. I began training management teams on dealing with THEIR shortcomings. What happened next was absolutely amazing!

Their employee turnover rates began decreasing by double digits! Revenues began increasing, projects were beating deadlines, and people WANTED to work at those companies!

Employee turnover has cost US industries more than $630 billion*

60% of turnover is because of bad managers*

78% of common reasons why employees quit can be addressed by the employer*

77% of employees with bad managers say they hope to leave their job soon

So, what do you do?  Tell your HR department of ramp up hiring or FIX the bad managers?

* Sources: Work Institute & Zippia
The Process

Positive Psychology + Cognitive Behavior Therapy + Mindful Self-Awareness =

Effective, Productive, & Profitable A+ Leaders

A Mindful Self-Awareness training process that looks at employee and peer perceptions of managers to address negative behaviors affecting the business. From the top down. Whether it’s an Owner, CEO, or President — we start there and work our way down to front line supervisors.


Staff & Management Assessment

What do staff and peers perceive of each member of management?  100% Anonymous* 

Participants must be able to trust in the process.

Our unique assessments are designed to pull specific behaviors from many areas.


HR Numbers Evaluation

What’s going on?  Retention, Turnover, complaints, kudos, all of it. The numbers along with the assessments paint a full picture.

We’ll speak with your HR team to determine their perceptions of your human capital.


Deliver Findings

The identities of individual assessments & opinions are not identified.*  These types of things only work if all involved can trust there won’t be any retaliation.

A full well-rounded assessment of the human perceptions to give you the real picture of your company.

*This is non-negotiable.


1:1 & Group Trainings

6 weeks of hourly one-to-one sessions plus 2 full-day group trainings to work with affected management to correct behaviors.  Unlike most corporate training , we don’t use hypotheticals.  

Training is built and delivered based on the findings of your agency.


Re-Assessment & Evaluations

What did participants think of the trainings and 1:1 sessions?  Were they effective?  How well did they participate?

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