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Bad Bosses

(and improve the good ones)

The arrogant, manipulative, gaslighting, passive aggressive, distrustful, and micromanaging bosses responsible for high employee turnover, piss poor morale, and yes, low profits.

Very Bad Bosses - Statistics for Employee Turnover
Why Employees Left
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Lisa Kay Bonner & Associates

Bad Boss Fixer

Traditional Leadership Development Training is missing the one ingredient that will make or break a great leader: addressing bad behavior.


We use Cognitive Behavior Therapy Techniques combined with personality assessments to address and correct negative behaviors in your management teams.


Management teams are taught to remove themselves from the tasks at hand (it isn’t personal) so they can allow their teams to do the work.


Reducing turnover, increasing revenues/profits, and achieving the strategic goals of the agency are the end result.


"There is no reason, in today's business climate for any staff member, in any level of a company, to be treated like garbage. What we do is teach management how to be nice. We build leaders -- not drill sergeants. We produce compassionate humans, not order-giving robots." - Lisa K Bonner, Owner

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