Transforming Mediocre Managers into Exceptional Leaders

Leadership coaching for powerful individual and organizational shifts

At all levels, leaders need guidance. Someone in your corner helping you become more agile, more empathetic. Helping you inspire teams to a purpose-driven mission with a clear and singular focus.

As a leader today, you are facing more challenge than ever before. Change is constant, for both you and your teams. Breaking through ambiguity and balancing tactical goals with emotional intelligence is a leadership must-have.

Are you ready to activate your leadership potential?

Lisa Kay Bonner

Chief Bad Boss FixerTM

Lisa Kay Bonner is the CEO of LKB & Associates, a leading provider of Cognitive Leadership Development Training and Mental Health Support for American corporations. LKB & Associates works with companies employing 100-10,000 to transform mediocre managers into exceptional leaders.

Lisa’s brand of no-nonsense, gut-punch training focuses on addressing behaviors and thoughts, mental health, and of course, leadership. She believes every company in America should be striving to not only be the best in their industry, but they should also employ the best of the best. Thereby eliminating out-of-control retention losses, management and executive burn-out, and excessive absenteeism due to mental health strain.

Training Support

Due to current restrictions, all trainings are delivered online.

Cognitive Leadership Workshop

2-day Workshop designed to address the inappropriate behaviors of your management teams, how to address and deal with inappropriate behaviors of staff, and increase productivity and organizational goal achievement. Also includes (1) 45-minute 1:1 session with each participant.

Cost: $1595/person

Employee Mental Health Support

Similar to an EAP, we offer 45-minute sessions to your staff to help them deal with and conquer their mild to moderate mental health issues. 100% confidential to the employee.

Cost: Annual Retainer

1:1 Leadership Development
(The Bad Boss FixerTM Transformation)

2-day + 6 week intensive cognitive leadership development training/coaching one to one. We meet 2 times a week. At the end of the 6 weeks, the manager will successfully obtain and practice new leadership skills and effectively lead their teams to success. This is often used along with an employee performance plan.

Cost: $15,000/person

Custom 1/2 or Full Day Workshop

Your choice of mental health/leadership topics.

Cost: $795/half day; $995/full day
Per Person

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