Bad Bosses - You've Got 'Em, We Fix 'Em


Through a science-based approach that uses Positive Psychology, Cognitive Development, Personality Assessments, and Mindful Self-Awareness, we help corporate companies transform management and executives’ bad boss behaviors into top leadership talent.

Lisa K Bonner, The #BadBossFixer😑 Bad Bosses cost approximately $360 BILLION a year in retention, health, and revenue.

When bad bosses are allowed to run free, everyone suffers.

🚫 Employees suffer β€” Employees feel unsupported, undirected, bullied, confused, unmotivated, unappreciated, frustrated, and constantly questioning, β€œis it me?” So they are not engaged and they are not productive. Productivity goes out the window.

🚫 Executives suffer β€” When executives lack confidence in the team beneath them, they have to cover for, or recover from poor work and decisions from ineffective managers. They become overloaded because they have to do their job AND the job of their managers. Sales take a huge hit.

🚫 Business suffers β€” When bosses are not stepping up to do their jobs β€” making clear, good decisions and building a strong, capable team beneath them β€” then executives can’t fully do their jobs because they keep getting dragged down. Business progress slows or stops. Profits take a huge hit.

βœ… The Process:

  1. Initial Consult
  2. Assess Staff Perceptions of Their Management Teams
  3. Assess Management Team Perceptions of Each Other (from the CEO down)
  4. Deliver Results/Recommendations
  5. Deliver 2-day Custom Training Based on Findings
  6. Schedule 1:1 Sessions with Target Team Members (6-8 weeks)
  7. Follow-up, Re-Assessment
  8. Continued Support as Needed