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Transforming Mediocre Managers into Exceptional Leaders

Our leadership programs focus on the individual manager(s) vs. generic, dated, cliched tactics thrown at a group.

We don’t offer PowerPoint Slides, handouts, or textbooks. Instead, our programs are designed for no-nonsense, gut-punch, 100% engagement, and learning.

No boring, dry, or forgettable trainings here.  

How do we do that?

Executive Training

From solving cognitive overload, chronic stress, and decision-paralysis to teaching you systems for permanent internal upgrades in focus, flow, memory, learning, creativity, relationships, confidence, & energy — I show you step-by-step how to rewire your brain for unparalleled stress relief, executive leadership skills and joyful success.

Lisa Kay Bonner,

Lisa Kay Bonner

Chief Bad Boss FixerTM

Lisa Kay Bonner is the CEO of LKB & Associates, a leading provider of Cognitive Leadership Development Training and Mental Health Support for American corporations. LKB & Associates works with companies employing 100-10,000 to transform mediocre managers into exceptional leaders.

Lisa’s brand of no-nonsense, gut-punch training focuses on addressing behaviors and thoughts, mental health, and of course, leadership. She believes every company in America should be striving to not only be the best in their industry, but they should also employ the best of the best. Thereby eliminating out-of-control retention losses, management and executive burn-out, and excessive absenteeism due to mental health strain.

Lisa Kay is certified and is considered an expert in the following disciplines:

Certified Mental Health Practitioner, Certified Cognitive Behavior Practitioner, Human Resources Consulting; Employee Engagement; Leadership Development; Training Development; Personality Assessments: MBTI, Enneagram, and Inner Critic.

Lisa is passionate about cheesecake, horror fiction, her rescue dog Buddy, loves the beach (any beach!) and believes Cookies Are Life. She one day hopes to make her dream of building a one-acre garden & green house to help provide at-risk local citizens with fresh fruits and veggies – year round. She is a lover of all things silly-sarcastic, goofy Dad jokes, and doing good for no reason at all.

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